Marjorie…A Great Place to Gather!

"Friends" of Marjorie. Photo by DM

You know you have a pretty nice thing going when the party at the end of the bar, who has been sipping and snacking their evening away, pull you aside, and say:  “Is this your place?”  Although I had an instant thought, “Oh, no!  What did we do wrong?”,  I owned up to ownership. They just couldn’t stop talking about what a wonderful time they were having.  They loved the flavors of their food, the drinks (and Ben affirmed, they had tried many!), and were so very taken with the ambiance and the unique experience they were enjoying.  They insisted on having their picture taken, requesting to be posted as happy customers.  Sometimes, a group of happy customers, complimenting the bar and the kitchen for a job well done, and thanking the owner for having thought to create the place, remind you what you love about your job.

Thank you, friends!