Marjorie Hosts After Hours For The Central District Forum

This Thursday, Marjorie Restaurant will host an After Hours party to benefit the Central District Forum.  Done in correlation with Charles Anderson’s dance theatre x and their world premier performance of World Headquarters, this event will provide friends of the CDForum the opportunity to mingle with the artist and fellow fans of the CDForum.  It is not difficult to become a fan of the CDForum.  In the world of social media lingo, of course you can simply go to the website,, get the details of their mission and the outstanding season of Black Arts and Culture we are in the midst of, and follow on Facebook and Twitter.  Being a fan of CDForum means a lot more than that to me.  After having served on the CDForum’s Board for almost 6 years, and been a participating restaurant at Food As Art, CDForum’s unique gala fundraiser  for 6 years, what CDForum does is summed up in more than its programming or mission.  The Central District Forum is a vital ingredient of Seattle.  It presents innovative Black Art and Culture in a sophisticated and impressive way.  It is an out of the box thinker, and it makes its audience think and a little differently.  It often features emerging artists or touches on a topic that is current and heavy on mind, although not discussed with the candor we need to work our way through it.  It has become for me an integral part of the landscape of Seattle.

Please know that if you want to join us in support of this great organization on Thursday, we would love to have you!