Marjorie’s Winter Menu Features Beautifully Hand Crafted Pasta

Fresh Tagliatelle

Lately, Marjorie has featured quite a few freshly made pastas.  While we maintain that our menu is in fact eclectic, the focus on pasta (3 dishes on our current menu) is he result of Chef Dustin Calery’s passion for pasta.  The tagliatelle displays the greatest effort.  Hand rolled with a walnut wood rolling pin imported from Italy, it is also hand cut, and the perfect texture for serving with braised meat ragus.

The Hand Off…Sous Chef, Thomas  Dodd Sets a Steaming Bowl of Fresh Cut Tagliatelle with Pork Rib Ragu into the Pass.

Dustin Carefully Cuts the Folded Sheets of Hand Rolled Tagliatelle.

The Agnolotti provides a completely different option, while maintaining a hand made feel.  A rustic, ravioli style pasta, Dustin fills sheets of pasta with purees of squash, parsnips, cheeses, folding and cutting the imperfect forms which are perfectly delicious.

The Finished Product…Agnolotti Being Trayed.

The Really Finished Product!