Menu Spotlight: Pork Rib Ragu with Handcut Tagliatelle

ta·gli·a·tel·le  (täly-tl, -l)


See fettuccine.

[Italian, pl. of tagliatella, diminutive of tagliata, from feminine past participle of tagliare, to cut, from Late Latin tlire; see tailor.]

Observing Marjorie Chef, Dustin Calery make Tagliatelle can be a “zen moment”.  The dough rests, is rolled out, carefully folded and cut.

Chef Dustin Calery Cuts the Hand Rolled Tagliatelle.

The Freshly Cut Tagliatelle…Awaiting Sauce.

The Perfect Cure for Cool (and sometimes wet) Winter Evenings…Pork Rib Ragu with Tagliatelle.

A favorite dish on the Marjorie menu is the Pork Rib Ragu with a meticulously made Tagliatelle.  It is comforting and delicious.