Simple, Tasty Fare Relies on Fresh, Quality Ingredients

The simplicity of a hearty bowl of clams in a tasty broth is never lost on me. Photo by GS.

Recently at Marjorie, the Chefs prepared a hearty bowl of steamed clams in a tasty broth.  Why is something so simple consistently so satisfying?  With a few pieces of crusty warm bread from Columbia City, accompanied by house made butter, finished with Murray River Salt (inconspicuously consumed after I finished the accompanying grilled bread with a little house made aioli), I want only for a salad and a little bite of dessert to please my palate.

Columbia City Bakery's Ficelle is the Perfect Compliment to a Bowl of Clams. Photo by GS.

House Made Butter Brings This Fabulous Bread to New Heights. Photo by GS.

A Lovely Twist on Chocolate Mousse Is a Sweet Success in My Book. Photo by GS.