Winter Sets in at Marjorie

Escolar of the Many Featured Crudos on Marjorie's menu. Photo by GS

When I think of what is enjoyable to eat and drink in the chilly, often wet winter months in Seattle, surprisingly for me, it isn’t comfort food.  I so enjoy eating clean, fresh compositions, often pairing them with a glass that sparkles or a crisp, clean cocktail.  It puts a spring in my step, and I feel lighter as I move through the winter months, hoping to “break out” of the cabin fever, not bury myself deeper.

If James Bond only knew...Photo by GS

I am always struck by how a sophisticated cocktail is the perfect pairing with food.  Before I knew, I thought only wine, but as I grow wiser, I am well aware that food goes with many things.  Cocktails, especially the Marjorie Vesper (pictured above) go wonderfully with food.  This particular pairing feels like a clean, fresh start for the New Year.