A Marriage of Delicious Cocktails

The Jasmine, a favorite cocktail of regular customer, KT, is made even better with Ben's expertise and love. Photo by GS

Continuing in the spirit of the “old” Marjorie in Belltown, we have quickly slipped into the habit of naming drinks after our beloved customers.  KT’s Jasmine, a classic cocktail made with expert perfection by our bartender extraordinaire, Ben Sherwood, has even worked its way onto Donna’s “playlist”.

The Kirby (left) is a Gin Based Libation. Photo by GS

When neighbors Kirby and KT began frequenting Marjorie, we were delighted to perfect cocktails to their liking.  Even more exciting was the news that they were well underway to creating a distillery, “Oola’s”, in the old La Panzanella Bakery… just across the street from us!  We can hardly wait to make these delicious cocktails with “Oola’s” Gin.

When Kirby and KT celebrated their wedding with a delicious dinner at Marjorie, we certainly delighted in raising a glass to them!


A Marriage of Delicious Cocktails