An Autumn Evening at Marjorie

An aesthetically Pleasing View of Marjorie's Open Kitchen. photo by GS

With the light diminishing earlier and earlier in the evenings, warming up to the cozy aesthetic of Marjorie is definitely nurturing to the soul.  To sit inside on a blustery fall night, watching the leaves blow in the wind, rain (or possibly snow) fall incessantly and the dark sky bring night prematurely can be somewhat comforting.  A favorite has become a spot at the bar, where one can choose to look through the artfully built shelves of liquor out onto the street, with a sense of smugness to be inside.  A look to the left will highlight the kitchen, which is partially open, and reveals a hardworking crew of chefs, creating the many fabulous dishes on Marjorie’s current Autumn menu.  A look over the shoulder and one gets a beautiful view of the cozy dining room.

Marjorie's Soulful Shrimp and Grits. Photo by GS

And of course there are great cocktails to be had at the bar.  When the weather begins to cool, bourbon based drinks can be so satisfying.  The Rye Manhattan is a perfect way to warm up on a cool Autumn night.  A lighter, but warming cocktail, the Paris Manhattan is a satisfying start to dinner at Marjorie.  If one is a slow sipper, know that it is wonderfully paired with Lamb Loin or Venison that we often have.

The Paris Manhattan, with a House Brandied Cherry. Photo by GS

The Lamb Loin at Marjorie. Photo by GS

An Autumn Evening at Marjorie