Beautiful Ingredients…Beautiful Menu

Simple Greens...Locally Grown, Delivered Daily by our Friends at Franks' Produce. Photo by DM

The secret of great food really isn’t a secret…It starts with beautiful ingredients.  With a small restaurant, the formula is even less complicated:  We get beautiful product in, we treat it respectfully, make it taste great, and proudly serve it to you!

Tender Hanger Steak Served with Charred Eggplant and Toasted Chick Peas. Photo by DM

When one of Marjorie’s Chefs, Josh mentioned that he had this great idea for charring and pureeing eggplant, I admit, I was a little skeptical, but…It tastes amazing!  And the look is somewhat mysterious.  It has a nod to the Middle East, but with Local Fresh Ingredients like Painted Hills Beef, Organic Produce that our Friends at Franks deliver daily, there is no denying where it comes from!

Eat Fish...Need We Say More? Photo by DM

I love when I ask the kitchen what I should write about.  What’s great tonight?  What should I tell people we are excited about?  No time was wasted before Josh got this beautiful whole black bass out of the refrigerator, and went on and on about how amazing it was, and how much he loves to work with it.  His eyes glistened about as much as the scales on the fish!  We love local, but there is always something a little exciting about East Coast Seafood, delivered by John Osprey.  Local Chefs love to work with his product!

Beautiful Ingredients…Beautiful Menu