Bustin’ At The Seams…

...You might say I'm a dreamer... Photo by GS

It is easy to imagine taking a look at this photo, and wondering, “What could she possibly be thinking?”, but I beg to differ.  It looks very similar to what the interior of what is now Marjorie looked like before the work began.  And the best part of this story?  It is right outside the back door!

We are planning on creating a lovely and intimate private dining room, and a place to house a little of that weekend overflow.  It’s exciting!  Stay tuned for developing news and photos as progress takes place.

Marjorie's new Chef, Larry Monaco is excited about the possibility of a "brunch tapas" class in our new space. Photo by GS

There are many things that make growth, albeit lateral, seem manageable.  The great crew at Marjorie makes just about anything seem attainable!

Ben gathering the ingredients to make another classic cocktail to perfection. Photo by GS

Donna and Ben discuss the deliciousness of Larry's new menu. Photo by GS

Bustin’ At The Seams…