Get It While You Can

Patio at Marjorie photo by Geoff Smith

As autumn slowly shows its face, this weekend appears to want to give fall a run for the money. With temperatures due to hover in the 70s and 80s, I advise you to enjoy the patio at Marjorie. With its colorful chairs, and handcrafted wooden tables, it is a truly unique place to savor summer’s last days.

I don’t know exactly what Kylen, Marjorie’s amazing chef, will have on the menu tonight, but I am sure it will be difficult to decide what not to miss, and a completely pleasurable experience to eat.

Marjorie's Charcuterie Plate photo by Jeffrey Noble

I can also trust that Ben will make the most delicious cocktails, and assure that they will be prepared with the best ingredients and of course…love.

Bartender and GM, Ben with his Premium Negroni Ingredients photo by Jeffrey Noble

All I can say is save room for dessert!

Taylor's Absolutely Delicious Chocolate Cake photo by Jeffrey Noble

I guess I have one more thing to say…”I know what I am having after work tonight!”

Marjorie's Owner, Donna Moodie sipping one of her favorite cocktails, especiallly when crafted by Ben photo by Jeffrey Noble

Get It While You Can