Give the Gift of Marjorie

The Lamb Vindaloo Is a Treat! Photo by GS.

When I think about gift giving at this time of the year, I always try to think out of the box.  I love giving homemade gifts that are truly a gift of time and passion.

This seasonal "garden" salad is reflective of the fruits of each season. Photo by GS.

The gift of an experience is something I treasure as well.  A gift of dining offers the opportunity to share with friends and family something you enjoy, and want to them to experience.

The Uniquely Designed Dining Room of Marjorie is a Cozy and Inviting Place to Share with Friends. Photo by GS.

When people gather around the table and experience the pleasure of food prepared with love, sharing conversation and laughter, not having to worry about the preparation or clean-up, it’s magical.  It is a beautiful gift, the gift of pause…to allow a busy person the opportunity to experience a place, a host, a chef, a favorite cocktail, a dish that you treasure.

The Quintessential Symbol of "slowing down" at Marjorie...the Turntable in the Bathroom. Photo by GS.

Not sure what to give this year?  Give the gift of Marjorie.  We are complimented by your consideration. Gift Certificates are available for Purchase on our website or by phone.

Give the Gift of Marjorie