Happy Hour @ Marjorie …

Making a toast with a Trenchtown is the perfect way to forget about a tough day at the office! Photo by GS

When Marjorie regulars, Maribeth and April meet early for a little taste of Happy Hour before they dive into a special menu created by Chef Larry Monaco, you know it has to be great!  This April, we have the Caribbean on our mind at Marjorie!  We are featuring the Trenchtown (Donna’s homage to her Kingston’s  and her own nickname growing up, made with fresh coconut water, lime, ginger, and Appleton Estate XO Rum) and tasty bites that inspire the warmth of sunshine…even if Settle ain’t havin’ it!

The refreshing Trenchtown. Is it 5PM yet? Photo by GS

Plantains are delicious any hour. They are a staple of the Marjorie Happy Hour. Photo by GS

If you are really looking for that Island Vibe?  Try the Jamaican Beef Patty.  Inspired by Pastry Chef Taylor Cheney’s love of all things Jamaican, and Donna’s desire to recreate the go to snack and party food from her homeland, this featured Happy Hour treat will be washed down quite easily with a Trenchtown!

Happy Hour @ Marjorie …