I Heart Truffles

White Alban Truffles. Photo by GS

The beautiful Imported Italian White Alban Tuffle..

I have a thing for this beautiful, sensuous and obscure ingredient.  As the date for Marjorie’s first ever Truffle Dinner (Sunday, December 12th, 5PM) approaches, the excitement is definitely mounting.  This last weekend, we were fortunate to get a sneak preview, and Marjorie Chef, Kylen McCarthy went right to work creating one of my personal favorite dishes, simple, yet oh, so succulant.

Housemade Saucisse Lyonnaise with Burgandy Truffles. Photo by GS

With the occasional appearance of Alban White Truffles on recent Marjorie Menus, I can hardly contain my excitement for our Truffle Dinner this Sunday, when there will be 12 unique dishes featuring the Truffle.  The wines have been carefully selected to accompany each course.  I am certain this lovely dinner will be a big success.

Handmade Tagliatelle with Freshly Shaved White Alban Truffles. Photo by GS

I am sure on Sunday, Chef Kylen McCarthy and Marjorie’s crew will exceed expectations with treatment of the Truffle as a focused ingredient in every dish.  Marjorie Pastry Chef, Taylor Cheney has even arranged for the Truffle to appear in her fabulous desserts.

I might add, Ben and I had much of our fun pairing with the dessert.

There are only four seats left for Marjorie’s first ever Truffle Dinner.  If you miss this, be sure to keep an eye out for future events at Marjorie as they are sure to please.

I Heart Truffles