It’s Time to Dine on the Patio…Sometimes!

A Rainy Night at Marjorie Can Be as Picturesque As A Sunny Patio Evening. Photo Courtesy of Regular and Fabulous Photographer, Robin Layton

As I look out the many windows of Marjorie, I am struck by an argument that the sun seems to be having with the rain.  The sky is bright, the rain is falling and there seems to be no conclusion as to what kind of night tonight will be.

Fear not!  If it’s sunny and warm, or just sort of warm, we are ready.  We have set up our patio.  There are plenty of pots of fresh lavender, the lilac trees are in bloom and the patio is set with beautifully handcrafted tables and our signature colorful, Tolix chairs.  We have blankets and heat lamps…should the need arise.

It Feels Like One Big Open Room When the Garage Doors Are Rolled Up. Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Smith.

Just remember!  On days when the weather doesn’t comply, we have a cozy, warm ambiance to help you forget that Seattle often delivers summer just a little late.

It’s Time to Dine on the Patio…Sometimes!