Marjorie’s Bathroom Turntable…Will Be Back Soon

The Old School Touch Found in Marjorie's Bathroom. photo by Geoff Smith

Many of Marjorie’s regulars may have noticed that the Turntable, which has long been a staple of the bathroom at Marjorie has disappeared.  Sadly, so have our friends at JNS Phonograph Repair, formerly located in Ravenna.  It seems we will have to procure a “replica”.  No worries.  The opportunity to spin while you steal away a moment in the bathroom at Marjorie will return by this weekend.  Donna is on the case, just like an attorney.

Marjorie's Growing Collection of LP's. photo by Geoff Smith

The collection of LP’s seems to grow in a manner reminiscent of guests bringing by a dish or a bottle of wine to share at a party.  What began as a collection of 20 albums at the old Marjorie, spun on an old school portable turntable has earned a cult following.  When the turntable was first installed, Donna’s kitchen staffed joked that it would be stolen in no time.  Instead, the collection flourished.  Guests continue to bring albums procured at garage sales and the Goodwill.  There are now so many LP’s, Donna rotates them in and out of the bathroom.

Pleasant Surprises Found in the LP Collection. photo by Geoff Smith

Marjorie’s Bathroom Turntable…Will Be Back Soon