Purple Rain  14  We are fans, celebrating Prince…Capitol Vodka, Crème de Violet, Lime, Prosecco Float


Marjorie Mojito  14  Golden Rum, Muddled Mint, Fresh Lime, The Right Amount Of Sugar And Love


Chiso Fine  14  La Plata Tequila Blanco, Sidetrack Distillery Chiso Liqueur, Local Peach + Strawberry Thyme Shrub


Dark & Stormy  14  A Bermuda Tradition…Goslings Black Rum, Reeds Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime


Moscowish Mule  14  A Bermuda Tradition…Aloo Vodka, Reeds Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime


Donna’s Margarita  14  Top Shelf Liquor, Fresh, Fresh Lime And No Hangover! / Fruit Forward Margarita  15 


Trenchtown  14  Appleton Estate VX Rum, Fresh Coconut Water, Ginger, Lime…Indeed Trenchtown Rocks!


Corpse Reviver #2  14  Aloo Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, Lemon, Dash ‘O Absinthe…Yum!


The Nutty Italian  14   A Lovely Manhattan Variation…Bulleit Bourbon, Sidetrack Distillery Nocino, Orange Bitters


The Kirby Cocktail  14  Oola Gin, Grapefruit, Lemon, Green Chartreuse…And Kirby Approved!


Sidetrack Lemon Verbena Drop  14  The Lemon Drop Takes It Up A Notch!   Oola Vodka, Triple Sec, Sugar Rim


The Pear  14  Bulleit Rye, Pear Puree, Fresh Lime


Sloe Gin Fizz  14  Sip Smith Sloe Gin, Lemon Juice, Soda …The Real Deal!


This Land Is Your Land  14  Oola Barrel Aged Gin, Oola Rosemary Vodka, Sidetrack Lemon Verbena Liqueur


Marjorie Kir Royale  14  Sidetrack Distillery Organic Cassis, Bubbles, Lemon Twist

Bellini  14  White Peach Puree, Prosecco, Summer!


Marjorie Vesper  14  Aloo Gin, Aloo Vodka, Lillet Blanc, Twist…If Bond Only Knew Marjorie’s Secret!


Marjorie Negroni  15  Campari, Oola Cask Aged Gin, Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth, Orange Twist


Raspberry Rickey  14  Aloo Vodka, Sidetrack Raspberry Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Over Ice


Paper Airplane  14  Bulleit Bourbon, Aperol, Averna, Fresh Citrus


Kent 75  14  Aloo Gin, Sidetrack Yuzu Liqueur, Lemon, Triple Sec, Prosecco Float


Paris Manhattan  14  Bulleit Bourbon, St. Germaine, Dry Vermouth, Peychaud’s Bitters

Let Donna Be Your Guide…Jefferson Kentucky Bourbon  15


Rye Manhattan  14  Bulleit Rye, Punt e Mes, Orange Bitters / Make The Classic Even Classier…Michter’s Rye  15



Limonata  Fresh Squeezed Lime, Just A Little Sugar, Sparkling Or Still

Irie Heights  Lime, Coconut Water, Ginger…”Trenchtown Light”

Nojito  Lime, Mint, Sugar, Soda…All The Yum, None Of The Rum!

Natural Soda  Fresh Fruit Purée, Sparkling Water, A Touch Of Sugar

House Made Ginger Brew   Ginger – Muscovado Syrup, Sparkling Water, Fresh Lime

House Shrub Mocktail   Strawberry Thyme Shrub, Sparkling Water, Fresh Lime

Lemon Cocco  A Refreshing Natural, Italian Lemonade Made With Coconut Water




Bordeaux Blanc, Domaine de Pajot, “Damien Barreau” 2017, FR 15

Chardonnay, “Ardeche” Louis Latour 2016, FR  15

Orvieto, “Classico Superiore Secco,” Castagnolo 2015, IT  16

Rosé, Mathilde Chapoutier  2017, FR  15



Toscana Bere, “Super Tuscan” 2015,  IT  17

Bordeaux, Château Fontaine de Penot 2017, FR  15

Tempranillo, “Del Toro” Synne Cellars 2016,  WA  16

Cabernet, “Backbone” Motto 2015,  CA  16




Nashi Orchards Cidre, …lovely, delicate handcrafted cider, /1.87 Vashon Island, WA  14

Brut Champagne,  Laurent Perrier / .187 FR  22

Prosecco, D.O.C., Chloe  NV,  IT  16



Draft  6

Imperial IPA, Maritime Pacific

Kolsch, Hales

Witbier, Lantern Brewing



Red Stripe  6

Orval Trappist Ale  10





Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs,  à Cramant, Diebolt-Vallois,  FR  70

Champagne Brut à Chouilly, “Carte d’Or”, Stephen Coquillette , FR  72

Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs,  Copinet, FR  65

Champagne Bouzy Grand Cru,  Pierre Paillard, FR  80

Prosecco,  NV, Adami, IT  34

Pinot Grigio,   Lageder 2016 / 17, IT  28

Chablis,  Louis Michel et Fils  Premier Cru, “Montmain” 2015, FR  45



Pinot Noir, Domaine Drouhin  2016, FR  60

Barolo, Vietti  2014  70

Zinfandel, Ridge 2014  60

Cabernet, Hahn 2017  40




Champagne, Philippe Fontaine, Cuvée des Lys Blanc de Blanc, NV, FR  152

Champagne, Duval-Leroy Brut, NV, FR 130

Champagne Brut Tradition, Gaston Chiquet, 2016, NV, FR 101

Champagne Brut Grand Cru, Pierre Paillard, NV, FR 118

Champagne  Saint-Chamant Millesime Blanc de Blanc, 2006, FR 180

Champagne Brut Cuis, Pierre Gimonnet et Fils, 2016, NV, FR 120

Franciacorta ’61 Brut, Berlucchi, NV, IT 64

Cava Rosé, “Brut Vintage Rosé,” Naveran 2016, SP 62

Grand Mouton Extra Brut, Méthod Traditionelle, Louis Métaireau, NV, FR 72

Lambrusco, Enrico Cialdini, 2016, IT 56



Rosé, Domaine Ott 2018, FR  59

Rosé, “Duppy Conquerer”, Brown Estate 2017, CA  62

Chardonnay, Buty 2016, WA  64

Pinot Blanc, “Freedom Hill Vineyard” Kelly Fox 2017, OR  82

Sancerre, Domaine Cherrier 2017, FR  62

Balanoz, Domaine Berthet-Bondet, Côtes du Jura 2015  FR  78

Chablis, Domaine Pinson 2017  FR  59

Chablis, Domaine Vocoret et Fils,  2015, FR  80

Bourgogne,  “Les Champs L’Huillier”, Jean Charles Fagot,  2015, FR  75

Pouilly – Vinzelles, La Soufrandière,  2014 / 16, FR  74

Sauvignon Blanc, Poussiere de Roche  “Val de Loire” 2017, FR  54

Dry Vouvray, Champelou 2017, FR  54

Sauvignon Bianco, Marchesi di Gresy 2017, IT  56

Risic Blanc, Villa Job 2016  IT  75 mineral and floral notes with a persistent, enveloping taste

Gavi di Gavi, Giovanni Lombardo 2017  IT  52

Rodero Arneis, Veitti 2017  IT  58

Il Bianco, Zymē 2016  IT  58

Le Morette, Lugana Mandolara 2017  IT  58  hand harvested, single vineyard turbiana, with a note of floral blossoms

Terlaner Classico, (Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc) 2016, IT  54

Godello, Losada 2015 / 16  SP  72  rare old bush pruned vines, on steep slate slopes, sophisticated, ripe nose, persistent structure…

Loureriro, Dócil 2017  PT  62  this Niepoort project varietal is so delicate, rich, and delicious, we hesitate to call it vino verde


Corkage $25 per 750ml  /  Two Bottle Limit Per Visit



American Red

Pinot Noir, Soter, North Valley, 2017, OR  70

Pinot Noir, Cooper Mountain, “Estate Bottled” 2015, OR 60

D2, DeLille Cellars 2016, WA  96

Cabernet Franc, “Rosa Mystica” Owen Roe 2016, WA  88

Night Owl, à Maurice Estate Red Blend  2012, WA  100 an earthy, bordeaux style blend…

Teunis, “Snipes Mountain”, Upland Estates 2012, WA  94 a bordeaux style blend, paying homage to John Allen Newhouse, a detail oriented farmer who used to oversee the vineyards…

Old Vine Cabernet, “Snipes Mountain”, Upland Estates 2012, WA  98 a distinctive cabernet representing 4 generations of Newhouse Family vineyards!

Tempranillo, “Del Toro,”  Synne Cellars 2016, WA 58

Cabernet Sauvignon, “Backbone,”  Motto  2015, CA  54

Red Mountain Blend, Hedges Family Estate 2015, WA 58

Wildebeast, Buty 2014, WA 58

Rediviva of the Stones, Buty 2013, WA 120  …Nina Buty’s creative nod to the mineral quality of many Rhone Valley wines, while embracing NW native soil richness…

Chaos Theory, Brown Estate 2014, CA  80

Estate Zinfandel, Brown Estate 2015, CA  92

Zinfandel, Turley “Les Juvenilles”, 2017, CA  78

Carmenère, Beresan 2014, WA  82



Grand Veneur Cotes du Rhone, Alain Jaume et Filles “Les Champauvins” 2014  FR 64

Pigeoulet, Selon Frédéric & Daniel Brunier 2013, FR 45  a second label from Vieux Télégraph!

Sablet, Piaugier  2016, FR 40

Auxey Duresses, Domaine Taupenot-Merme  2015, FR 92

Vacueyras, Domaine du Terme 2015,  82  FR

Grenache, Cuvée Bastien 2017,  70  FR  single vineyard grenache from the no. Chateauneuf de Pape plateau

Syrah, Cuvée Vincent 2017,  72  FR  single vineyard syrah from the no. Chateauneuf de Pape plateau

Châteauneuf du Pape, Famille Brunier  “Télégramme”  2015, FR 120

Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Demarie 2015, IT  62

Nebbiolo, Pietro Cassina  “Cieut” 2010, IT  105

Valle delle Stelle, Brancatelli  Toscana 2015, IT  92 softly textured, this dark, red fruit, crafted in the super tuscan style

Langhe Fresia, Cavallotto  2015, IT  78

Quadrio Valtellina Superiore, Niuo Negri 2011 / 13, IT  60

Nero d’Avola, Luma 2016, IT  58

Barbaresco, Demarie 2013, IT  120

Dolcetto d’Alba, “Monte Aribaldo” Marchesi di Gresy 2013, IT  54

Malbec, “Single Vineyard” Lujan de Cuyo, Luigi Bosca 2015, AR  82 Wine Spectator top 100,

Tempranillo, “Estate Grown” Domino Basconcillos 2011, SP  84

Loidana, Marco Abella “Priorat”  2015, SP  82

Sardon de Duero, “Estate Grown” Abadia Retuerta 2014, SP  80  Donna’s Favorite!   …sophisticated, ripe nose, persistent structure…

Rùbeo, L’Arco, 2013, IT  150

Rosso del Veronese, L’Arco, 2013, IT  90

Corkage $25 per 750ml  /  Two Bottle Limit Per Visit