Today Is the Perfect Day to Support Donna’s Campaign

Support Donna in her dream to bring the Marjorie’s Plantains from the Restaurant to your Table!

Donna has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to bring the beloved Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains to retail.  Imagine seeing them on the shelves of specialty grocers, being able to enjoy them anytime!

A very easy to access link…

More importantly, consider giving back to someone who has been supporting Seattle with successful restaurants for the last 20 years!  Consider an act of support that says thank you for helping to revitalize Belltown back in the early 90’s.  Thank you for creating a cozy space where dining out feels like dining in…someone’s home.  Thank you for taking time out of the business of being a restaurateur and serving on Boards and City Commissions.  Thank you for being an integral part of many communities, and using the Restaurant to gather people and share ideas and missions.

It is easy to recognize that a restaurant could not exist without the community that supports it.  Today take a moment to recognize the effort that goes into supporting the community, and support Donna Moodie’s Kickstarter Campaign to package Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains.  With less than two days to go, don’t procrastinate, or miss out on this opportunity to say thanks!

Marjorie’s signature appetizer will be a great success as a retail specialty item…with your support.

Today Is the Perfect Day to Support Donna’s Campaign